The hits just keep on coming for Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, who recently had surgery after a dirt bike accident ruptured his Achilles tendon and broke a bone on the inside of his ankle.

While he's on the mend and wearing a cast, the singer has been getting around using a scooter. Unfortunately, that new mode of transport has led to at least one more minor accident: While trying to leave his house, Hubbard took a painful tumble into some bushes.

After the pain subsided, though, he was able to laugh at himself — and give others the chance to do the same. Hubbard posted security cam footage of the fall on his Instagram account, so fans can watch the hilarious spill as well as the aftermath, which features the singer yelling in pain and then limping back inside.

"Yup, it's still 2020 and I just had another piece of humble pie," he wrote alongside the video. "[My wife Hayley] and I laughed until we cried watching this last night...after the pain wore off. EFF ME."

Though Hubbard's family may be enjoying getting a laugh at his expense, they've been adorably sympathetic to his recent injuries. Most recently, the singer's 2-year-old daughter, Olivia Rose, left him a "get well soon" voicemail message saying she hopes his ankle heals quickly.

Family time has been a sweet upside to the singer's recovery period, though Hubbard's hoping he can get back on his feet a little sooner than his doctor predicted after he first sustained the injury. The doctor estimated it would take him five weeks to walk regularly again; however, Hayley's due date with the couple's third child was in just four weeks at that time.

The family announced the newest addition to their family in March, sharing that baby No. 3 is a boy. In addition to their daughter Olivia, the couple also share son Luca, who was born in August of 2019.

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