“The Difference” hit maker Tyler Rich will release his much-anticipated, self-titled EP come Sept. 21—and with it, will allow the world to hear one of the last songs famed songwriter Andrew Dorff ever wrote.

That song is "11:11.”

“When we went in to record the first songs for the EP, they were all songs that I had written,"  Rich recalls in a recent interview with Taste of Country about the song co-written by Dorff, who passed away suddenly back in 2016. "I had this breakup song that everyone was pumped up about and ready to go, but then I heard '11:11' and I kinda stopped production.

"I immediately wished I had written it," he elaborates. "There is such a vulnerability in the lyric.”

Indeed, it’s a common practice for people to make a wish when the clock winds around to 11:11—which comes twice a day—and sometimes, making that wish can be awfully painful.

Rich explains that the song, which was also composed by Jon Nite and Lindsay Rimes, is about the more raw moments that happen after a romance doesn't work out. “Any time any of us go through a breakup, you are fine through a lot of your day because you are doing everyday kind of things,” he explains. “But then there there are two moments of the day where [you look at the clock] and it says 11:11, and you need to make a wish."

For someone who is in love, there's only one thing to wish for. "The only thing he wants back in his life is her. And he’s just praying that she sees it too, and wants the same thing.”

The same EP that will include "11:11" will also feature Rich's hit song “The Difference,” which continues to find its way up the charts. And with every step it takes, it ultimately changes the game when it comes to Rich’s live show.

“With every show, more and more people are singing it,” says Rich. “It’s just crazy to watch what a record climbing can actually do to your shows.”

Rich will continue to watch that phenomenon take place before his very eyes when he heads out this fall on Brett Young’s "CMT On Tour: HERE TONIGHT," which will kick off November 16 in Royal Oak, Mich.

“Brett and I may have grown up on opposite ends of California, but our paths crossed several years ago in Orange County, and then again a few years later when we both made our way to Music City,” explains Rich in a recent press release. “He’s always been such a class act, and an incredible songwriter. I‘m honored, and so grateful he’s invited me to tour with him this Fall, leaving our own stamp of California Country music across the states!”

And yes, he also can’t wait to see where “The Difference” ends up.

“I’m looking forward to watching ‘The Difference’ grow with more touring this fall,” Rich says.  “We will be really busy going crazy until right before Christmas and then schedule some family time to detox. And then, I’ll be more than ready to kick 2019’s ass.”

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