Rising star Tyler Rich is not only in the middle of a "tornado" of emotions surrounding his budding country music career, but also finds himself in the middle of plans for his upcoming wedding to fiancee, Sabina Gadecki...sort of.

“The proposal for sure knocked off five years of my life,” Rich laughingly told Taste of Country backstage during the Country Lakeshake music festival in Chicago.

“I told her that the wedding was hers, along with every birthday for the rest of her life, she could plan on her own," he added with another laugh.

"But seriously, we are just now starting to narrow it down on a date and get everything lined up and in order. We have been engaged for a year but it's just been a crazy year. We are thinking [the wedding is] going to be in the beginning of April next year.”

Country Weddings and Engagements in 2018

Rich’s fiancee is no stranger to the spotlight. Gadecki is not only known for her modeling work, but also for her acting in shows including  Law & Order and House of Lies. She also had a role in the movie Entourage, playing the girlfriend of Kevin Connelly, and she appeared in Rich’s video for his current single, “The Difference,” which also includes the couple’s dogs, Abby and Charlee.

“It’s kind of fun to hack into each other's worlds and hijack each other's fans,” Rich said with a chuckle. “All of her fans have kind of hopped on over to my train and become Tyler Rich fans. But yeah, she is just this fun, full-of-life party animal. People have fallen in love with her story and it’s cool to mix our two worlds together.”

Being madly in love has had a direct effect on Rich’s upcoming album in quite a surprising way.

"She has ruined a lot, because I’m happy, and the best songs come out of heartache and wanting to find love,” admits Rich, who expects to have the new album out by the end of the year. “Our first year, I wrote a ton of really good songs that are lined up for this album and I’m just wondering what’s going to happen for album two. I might have to start creating some fake fights to get some song ideas.”

But for now, Rich plans on celebrating the present, especially since he has a little bit of a break from the road before getting back in front of his fans.

“We are going to Turks and Caicos this week,” said Rich, who brought along Sadecki when he made his debut television appearance on Today back in May. “Sabina and I are celebrating our two years together out on the sand and in the water and on the beach. Then I am going to go out to Los Angeles for a few days with her to see some friends for the Fourth of July and then we will spend the following week out on the East Coast."

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