It's Victory Monday, but also a hangover Monday for me right now. Let's see what I can remember from last night's game.

So as soon as I signed off from my pregame show I host about the Cowboys, news broke that Dak Prescott would not be playing in Sunday night's game. We all saw the footage of him warming up before the game and we all thought he was good to go. I guess with the Cowboys having a commanding lead in the division, rest Dak because the Boys will still be up on Philadelphia.

Cooper Rush, it's your time to shine. I start pounding the beers thinking this would be like last season. You know what, it wasn't. Did Cooper play perfect? No, but he managed the ball as a backup should with short passes to start the game. He did throw an early pick and did hold the ball a little too long on some plays.

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However, you could see later in the game he became more comfortable and the Cowboys let him air it out a bit. That pass to Cedric Wilson was amazing and I still have no idea how Wilson squeezed through those two safeties. I thought for sure one of them was going to make a play.

The Cowboys will now move out of prime time and get the early game on Sunday against the Broncos at noon. You can listen to every Dallas Cowboys throughout Wichita Falls on NewsTalk 1290/96.3 FM and 106.3 the Buzz. I hope we have another Victory Monday photo dump for you next week. Check out the latest below.

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