This weekend James and I decided we needed a little break from the normal life that we live and just take off.  We didn't want to travel too far, so we settled on Wichita Falls. I used to live in Wichita Falls so I have lots of favorite places to visit when we head south.

One thing that we noticed is that people are getting out more.  At Dinner, though we didn't have to wait to get in, it did take awhile for us to order and then a bit longer to get food than usual.

We made a stop at one of my favorite places too; the At Home store.  It's in the Sikes Center Mall, but actually stays open longer.  We went with one purchase in mind; to get a cushion for our rocker in our yard.

Small wooden shed in the back yard of American house. Northwest, USA

That was motivation for most of our purchases this weekend.  To be ready to spend more time outdoors.  We have a pool and last year we bought 2 huge picnic tables for when the family is over, but we are planning for a huge post-pandemic summer so we need a bit more seating.

The cost of lumber has delayed our plans for a huge deck across the back of our house, but that's in the works too as soon as we get the rest of our income tax refund back.Even without the deck, we are still planning on more expansions.  My son in law is building steps to the pool for me so I won't have to climb on the wobbly stairs, and we plan on painting the shed next weekend.  Barn red. With our fire pit set on stones, on a flagstone patio right next to the pool. I could end up being a backyard mecca.

And it all started with a cushion for a rocker. Our list get bigger instead of smaller, but we plan on an awesome backyard!

What are you outdoor plans for the Spring and Summer?  Answer in the comments below!

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