I'm not gonna lie, I never, ever gave grill screens or mats a thought until I lost about 4 hamburgers that slipped off of my spatula into the flames.  I was probably almost as hot as those flames, and grateful for the fact that I was cooking more burgers than I originally thought I needed. 

A coworker recommended the grill mat as a way to not only save my burgers but to help with grill flare-ups (especially bad with higher fat content burgers), and grill cleaning.  Apparently, you can just fold the grill mat up and place it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.

I ordered a name I had heard of before, Yoshi.  I'll bet you've seen this commercial a time or two.  Probably during a late night movie marathon.

Entering Memorial Day weekend, I was preparing my menu and realized that I hadn't planned the family cookout that usually accompany the unofficial start to the summer, so I quickly talked my kids to coming over for a burger and dogs. (I've found it's not that hard to get kids to come over for free food, by the way!)

So, Memorial Day Monday, was the huge tryout for my very own Yoshi mat.


Burgers on Grill Mat
Jeri Anderson

As you can see from the picture, the grease stayed mostly on the mat, which reduced the flareups to almost none. No burger slippage, so no burgers entering the land of the lost.  I was a little disappointed that the grill marks were almost non existent, but the taste was spot on, so that is low on the priority scale. Now, on to try clean up.  Stay tuned.

So how about you?  Do you like to grill using Grill mats? Take our quick poll!

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