This tree has been in the front yard of my parents house since 1983.  My daddy, brought it to me, and more importantly to my baby daughter, Whitney, while we were in the hospital.  It was decorated for Christmas, and it was the best gift I could have gotten for this child born just days before Christmas.

As you may remember, my fiance and I are renovating my parents house to move into a bit later this summer.  This is just another reminder how deeply this house is ingrained in every good memory I have of Oklahoma and my time here.

My small family and I left Oklahoma shortly after my daughter was born (6 weeks), and we left Sister's tree with my dad, and he planted it in his front yard.  Every year that we visited, we took pictures of Whitney and her tree.  Her tree is now sky high, and looks great, until you get closer.  We are trying to find out what could be eating her tree.

James & I took a walk through the front yard to look at landscaping updates that we want to do at Mom's (our new house), and we actually were standing under Whit's tree when we found the most particular little holes in the bark of this pine tree.  Some of them were so new that there was actually sap still coming out.  Thoughts ran wild, like, maybe it's a Woodpecker, like Woody, or maybe some pine bug that I know nothing about. Most likely it's ants.  There were lots of them on the tree trunk. But, I for one had no idea that ants could be so destructive! If it's ants!

Whitney's Christmas Tree

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