I don't care how many times you try to describe it to me (and I know that doing it is much better than dumping). I will NEVER EVER understand what "rehoming" means!

I can't even imagine "rehoming" a member of my family. I know it's not the same as kids but how can you possibly let a piece of your family go? This is a LIFETIME commitment. Imagine what that animal goes through when you take them away from the only family they know and give them to someone else!

That FACE!

Don't get an animal if you think your circumstances are going to change, or you're going to have to move in a short time. If that is the case then please consider being a foster home for a dog waiting for a FUREVER home. The Humane Society of Lawton Comanche County is ALWAYS in need of foster homes. PLEASE stop taking in a pet if you aren't committed to that's pet lifetime! They don't want anything more than a dry place to sleep, food, water and a gentle touch once in awhile.

If you want a family pet please consider adoption. Animal Welfare, City of Lawton has some pretty awesome dogs and cats (and the occasional chicken, rooster & ferret) just waiting for you to come and get them!  Here is a link to their Facebook page: Facebook.com/LawtonAnimalWelfare

And, as always, spay and neuter your pets. Not only is it healthier for them but it will cut down on the overpopulation of cats and dogs in our community.

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