You have heard all of the horror stories surrounding the Stimulus check disbursements and whether you would receive your stimulus check by direct deposit or by check is only the tip of the iceberg.

Banks have reported receiving massive amounts of money from the government (clearly a mistake), and there are those (count me in this category) that still haven't received anything.

Some never received their part of Stimulus money because they were married on the last know tax return filed, however, they are no longer in that state of wedded bliss, and can't get their ex-significant other to divvy up the goods.

I actually know someone in a similar boat and had to do some research on just how to correct an error, even if you had absolutely nothing to do with the mistake. Here's the premise.  Last tax return, our friend was married filing jointly.  His spouse passed away, but he has not yet filed for 2019 (Thanks for the extension for filing IRS!), so they had no idea not to send money for the couple.

What do you do?  Well on the IRS Website there is a section for Economic Impact Payments, click there.  There are several topics with situations concerning your EIP check, none of which applied to him.  We clicked 'More about the Economic Impact Payment' and this is what we found.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

Believe it or not the IRS Website is pretty easy to navigate.  I actually found out answers to other questions that I had about filing my own taxes.  Before you spend any extra money the Government sends you, please, heed my warning! Visit the IRS!

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