'Texas - It's like a whole other country.'

That's the slug line put out there by our state's economic and tourism board.  Yes, the Lone Star State is full of diversity, but when it comes to dating someone from Texas apparently there are some characteristics that come standard.  At least that's the premise put forth by Movoto.  As a real estate company, Movoto is known for many great listings, however, they are also consistent at offering online lists, such as the best places to live or the safest places to live.

Recently, Movoto published a blog on the '16 Things You Need to Know About Dating Someone from Texas.'  Some of those 'things' include:

  • Your girlfriend will love football as much as you do
  • Your boyfriend will always hold the door open for you
  • You can't spell romance without r-o-d-e-o
  • A Texan's loyalty is unmatched
  • Your girlfriend won't be afraid to eat on a date
  • Your boyfriend will take you out dancing without you asking

Those aren't bad, but we came up with some of our own:

  • If it's edible, you're allowed to eat it with your fingers
  • Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir come standard
  • Chasing tornadoes can take the place of going to a movie
  • At least 20 George Strait songs are on everyone's smartphone
  • Howdy, Hi, and I'll be your Huckleberry are all accepted greetings
  • We thank God for everything ... why don't you?

Can you think of some others?   Please feel free to share.


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