Since when did Sunday stop being a day of rest?  It seems that it is now the day that we rush around to get all our chores done before we have to go back to work on Monday.  My husband thinks that we have to start working as soon as the sun comes up and work until there is no daylight left.  Take this past Sunday for instance.  I used my Saturday to go to Oklahoma City to Ree Drummond's book signing so I needed to spend my Sunday washing clothes and cleaning the house.

I woke up early to get the laundry started and made some coffee.  As soon as David's feet hit the floor he was running at 100 mph.  We pulled up all the electric fence around the wheat pasture, I put another load of laundry in.  We dug up some good black dirt for my flower gardens, I put another load of laundry in and filled the dishwasher and started it.

We picked up downed limbs around the pastures, I put ANOTHER load of laundry in.  Then, I finally had a chance to sit down for just a few minutes and here he comes, into the house again.  AUGH! "Nan, can you help me get some soil samples?"

The sun was setting as we pulled into the yard with the soil samples.  He drove to the barn to put the 4 wheeler up, I went into the house to start another load of laundry and dinner.

When did Sunday stop being a day of rest?