Going anywhere with small children can be stressful! You have to worry about big crowds, and finding a parking space close enough cause your little one can’t walk that far are among some of the things every parent thinks about. But if you have a plan before you hit the amusement park then you might actually get to enjoy it! Read our safety tips for easy breezy vacation.

  1. If your child is under 48” make sure that you bring a life vest. Most water parks offer some for a fee, but they are given out on first come first serve basis.
  2. Check out the water park’s website before you actually go and write down some activities that you can do with your child – that way you’ll be ahead of the game.
  3. Waterproof sunscreen is a must – especially if you are planning on staying all day at the park.
  4. If your child is old enough review with him/her the stranger-danger rules! We strongly recommend you invest some money in buying a child locator you can clip it on his/her shoe or swimsuit.
  5. Dress your kid in bright colors so you can spot him/her easily.

Keep our five safety tips in mind when you go on your next water park adventure and be stress free!