The Wilson home place is starting to look more and more like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting.  We have horses, barn cats, guineas, dogs, and goats.  This week we have added a few new critters to the barnyard......Rocky the Rooster and his 10 hens a pecking!    My wife and I have wanted to get chickens for a couple of reasons.  The first is the egg production, there is truly nothing like farm fresh eggs and second we like the idea of the natural reduction of insects around the barnyard.

This past Sunday afternoon, the two youngest of the Wilson clan helped unload the Rooster and chickens.  We built the chicken coop and ensured we had everything ready to make them comfortable and at home.  After all of the work was done and our flock appeared to be content with their new surroundings, we sat on the tailgate and enjoyed the  view.....Sunset, farm, and the chickens scratching the yard.  The kids were asking a million different questions about the chickens, their behaviors, the difference between chickens and roosters (of course), and being inquisitive like kids do.  This bunch of chickens amused me and for an afternoon I felt like a little kid again as well.  They were not content with just scratching around in the dirt across the barnyard, but wanted to stand directly next to each of us, as if they were asking the same questions about their new family, cackling amongst one another.   Cock-A-Doodle-Doooooo!!!!!......Rocky the Rooster began his torrent of loud obnoxious cries.....he began strutting around acting irritated that his harem of hens were more interested in the Wilson's than him and he was having none of it!  Cecilia and Nicolas began asking why he was doing this and laughing at the humor they found in it.  I explained that he was exclaiming to the world that he was the new Rooster in this barnyard and letting all of the other animals know that he was in charge. We finished the afternoon watching Rocky and the ladies do their thing.

I started reflecting on the Rooster and his hens.  How often do I strut around at home acting like I'm the Rooster in charge?  Those who know Mrs. Wilson know that she is a quite woman, one of few words.  She definitely doesn't ever want to be in the spotlight, nor does she ask for recognition for the many things she accomplishes and sacrifices daily.  She handles the management of our family business, cares for the kids, tends to what housework is unfinished in the evenings, and still finds time to show love and affection to this squawking, irritating rooster of a man.  Looking at that young Rooster, I realized that way too often I act like I'm ruling the roost, but seldom run the roost.  I think I owe Mrs. Wilson a special day of her own here in the very near future, she's more of a woman and friend than I deserve.

Oh yeah, when Rocky the Rooster began strutting his stuff the hens all flocked to him to make sure he was alright, except for one.  That one hen went over to our new found pet and commenced to putting him in his place.  The Roost at the Wilson's is ruled by that one hen!


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