Is it just me, or does it seem like the local Facebook pages have just become a place where people go to complain about whatever they can get upset about these days. I was perusing through the feed over lunch and couldn't help but notice how many passive aggressive posts there were. You know, the kind where some Karen is talking directly to another person, but doing so anonymously and in a public forum. Like, what is the point of that? Has the average personal ego grown to such a proportion that we're no longer content being angry and upset in our own circle of friends that they now feel the need to enlist strangers into their fantasy fight?

Example. If you have a spat with your neighbor, why are you on social media posting things you should be saying to yourself in the shower? Or better yet, why aren't you looking for this closure by talking calmly with said neighbor? I get it, the world of neighbors being neighborly is rare both this day in age and in Lawton because of the constantly rotating population. People come in and by the time you meet them, it seems they're shipped off to the next military post. It's hard in most neighborhoods to have a couple of homeowners put down roots, so getting to know each other on a first name basis may not be that easy... but, it costs zero dollars to be both kind and the bigger person. Airing laundry on Facebook just makes a person look petty and narcissistic.

That's just one example, but it's becoming a daily ritual. Karening is the new pandemic. It's like Jane Doe sees Carol Ann get a little empty support and anonymous sympathy from her rant, so Jane decides to dream up a fantasy problem to cash in her feels card too. Life is too short to accept living a small life. Make a new friend, provide a public service, volunteer to be the good you expect in life. Sometimes simple perspective is all it takes to instantly gain a better quality of life... only then what you post on social media will be worthy of reading.

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