What a terrible sting to do.

This young lady was trying to make a slo-mo video when she was videobombed by what might be the worst possible thing: a wasp.

Just get a load of the face of the girl behind her, who's the first to realize the unwelcome guest has shown up. And then a few seconds the girl in front discovers the little buzzard. Look at their faces. Those are the looks of sheer horror. You know, the face you make when you realize you accidentally picked up the phone for a telemarketer. Or the face you make when you go to a wedding and find out your ex is sitting at your table. Or the face you make when you find out your best friend has the audacity to admit she doesn't like Adele.

Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating, but you get the point. No one is thrilled to see a wasp, especially when it shows up in our most hallowed 21st century selfie moments.

If you're curious -- and you know you are -- here's what the video looks like in normal speed:

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