In every town across this part of America, there exists a population of people that have experienced the glory that is Buc-ee's. Never having to wait for your turn at the pumps, beaver nuggets and acceptable brisket sandwiches, plus the cleanest bathrooms in the country... it's no wonder everyone thinks their town deserves one of these epic convenient stores.

Spoiler alert... They really don't.

If you look at the map of where Buc-ee's are located across the Southern United States, they're mostly in major metropolitan areas that serve millions of residents and even more tourists. Well, except for the OG Buc-ee's stores in the small towns south of Houston. They may be small, but they're the treasured originals.

Eventually, every population center gets it in their mind that a Buc-ee's would be an ideal addition to the landscape, and rumors start to swell.

We've experienced this exact thing in Oklahoma. Remember in 2020 when the Sooner State was supposed to be getting a Buc-ee's in OKC... then it was Bricktown... no wait, it was Norman... nope, El Reno... officially in Tulsa... then more rumors down the south I-35 corridor where all the Texan-loving casinos are? It's not happening. Be satisfied with a hunk of pizza from your Oklahoma original local Hutch's.

Wichita Falls now believes they have what it's going to take to entice Buc-ee's into their metropolitan area. Seeing how The Falls and Lawton share so many similarities, yet remain polar opposites, it's a weird stretch to believe that crazy beaver would move in and hope for success. Not to say it wouldn't be ultra-popular... it would, but the people density would keep it lagging behind every other Buc-ee's store.

It just doesn't make good business sense. Invest millions to make thousands... No-win.

Instead, Wichita Falls should focus on bringing another Texas iconic convenience store chain into their city limits. A place where you can grab the most delicious burrito and a Big Red at 3 AM while traveling the long and loud, but smooth two-lane Texas highways...

It's known simply as Allsup's.

If you've never been to an Allsup's, it's understandable. They exist mostly in the smaller Texas towns, mostly in north and west Texas, but they're slowly trending towards Dallas, yet Wichita Falls was seemingly overlooked for an Allsup's location.

How did this happen? The same as there are minimum population requirements for Buc-ee's, is there a maximum population standard for Allsup's? They have locations in Electra, Holliday, and Henrietta... but nothing in Wichita Falls or Burkburnett.

I'll be honest with you, I get tired of driving to Frederick just to grab a burrito and a bottle of hot sauce. It'd be nice if there was a closer option in Wichita Falls.

It's not like they couldn't support it. The metro Falls area carries three different locations already in small towns along major highways. Pop one in on I-44 up by Golden Chick, it'd be the most delicious fast-food corner in the region.

Adding fuel to the fire, Allsup's is just as beloved by West Texans as Buc-ee's is by everyone else. Sure, it's a different scale, but just as people get married and honeymoon at Buc-ee's, people do the same at Allsup's. Honestly, it's the most underrated travel stop in Texas.

While a Wichita Fall's Buc-ee's will remain wishful thinking for decades, I think they should shoot for attainable dreams. Reach out to Allsup's and tell them they need a Falls location. Stranger things have happened.

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