Several weeks ago, we asked for your help to identify the Best of the Best in Lawton/Fort Sill businesses.  Flowers By Ramon and KLAW 101 have teamed up to reward those businesses with a beautiful floral arrangement.


"Flowers are scientifically proven to make people smile"

Lori ElKouri from Flowers by Ramon says that saying is really true!  And what better way to make people smile than to nominate your favorite business and let flowers make their customers smile too?

Congratulations going out to our very first winner, BancFirst! On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, I had the honor of delivering a beautiful unique floral arrangement to the downtown Lawton location of BancFirst.  They were thrilled to be nominated, as you would imagine, and even more thrilled that they won with the highest percentage of the vote!  Joining me for the flower presentation are David and Courtney.


With this beautiful floral arrangement sitting in the lobby, I'm sure the smiles will be spreading to all who visit the downtown BancFirst location!  And really isn't that what Monday Smiles is all about?  Spreading happiness to our friends and neighbors?


It's not too late to nominate your favorite business!  There are 7 weeks left and 7 different business categories to nominate!

We’ll be delivering our next Monday Smiles on Monday, Sept. 12 to our listeners’ favorite hospital, so get your votes in! Here’s the voting link: Other businesses include: Favorite Lawton School, Favorite Vet Office, Favorite HVAC Business, Favorite Dentist Office, Favorite Coffee Shop, Favorite Gym, and Favorite Hair Salon.

Nominate your favorites today, and Monday, we'll share more smiles with Flowers by Ramon, and KLAW 101.

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