Still looking for a killer swimsuit to wear this summer? Have we got something for you.

Beloved Shirts is selling a "sexy chest one piece swimsuit." Sexy. One piece. Sounds like a slam dunk, right? Well, not quite. The suit is actually in the image of a man's body. And not the body of, say, Channing Tatum, either. No, it's more like the body of every middle-aged guy who sweats simply from getting off the couch to try and find the remote control.

If this one isn't to your liking, you can always wear the tan version, you know, to show that you've gotten some color.

Made primarilty out of polyester with some spandex thrown in, the suits "are printed on ultra-soft fabric and then individually sewn together to ensure a flawless graphic and a comfortable fit." They also feature "multi-stretch properties with full flex elastic around the leg openings, armhole, and neckline."

So, while your man is dropping jaws and turning heads with the RompHim this summer, you can one-up him by dressing the way he looks and fully understand why no middle-aged man should ever go shirtless.

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