What would you pay to find the love of your life? Well, Dave Greenberg, owner of Main Street Florist in Watertown, Massachusetts thinks it's worth 1000 smackers! $1000 for the person who is responsible for finding Greenberg a bride. Not only will you get the cash, but you will be the guest of honor at his wedding. No, really, he is serious! He has a website MarryDave.com, and has done an interview on a local television network that has gone viral.

My question is this: As cute as this gimmick is, how would you feel if the website was MarryJeri.com? If it was a woman, looking for a man, and willing to pay cash for the person that finds him? I have lots of great qualities, but I can't imagine advertising and paying for leads! How about you ladies (or men), is this a good way to find a mate?

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