Adley Stump was on the KLAW Morning Show talking about her career and what’s up next for her.

Stump was representing Oklahoma at the popular singing competition “The Voice.” Currently Stump lives in Nashville, TN where she is working with a producer who discovered her 10 months ago when he watched a Youtube video of Stump singing.

Stump, Tulsa native, spent most of her life cheer-leading, but a dare lead her to discover she had a powerful voice.

“We were all shocked when I started signing,” Stump said “but I love it because it makes me feel vulnerable and it is a challenge.”

As of her experience on 'The Voice,' Stump was  appreciative for all the support she received from Oklahoma, and didn’t regret her decision to try out for the competition.

In fact, Stump said it’s because of ‘The Voice’ that put her on the map and gave her the opportunity to release an EP titled “Like a Lady.”

The future holds only good things for Stump- she is also working on a possible reality show ‘Get Stump.’ You can watch episodes on adleystump.com.

Whatever road she decides to take, we at KLAW think she can be anything she wants to be!


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