We first heard about Adley Stump when she auditioned for the show 'The Voice.' That night she sang ‘Last Name’ and managed to impress both Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton.

Stump dressed in her signature bandana, and golden cowboy boots belled out some serious notes, even Aguilera had to admit ‘she has an undeniable talent.’

Unfortunately, Stump was voted of the show, however, that has not stopped her from pursuing a career in music.

5 Little Known Facts About Stump:

  1. Stump was born and raised in Oklahoma
  2. She graduated from Oklahoma State University
  3. She auditioned for a singing role in a college production, because of a dare, but soon, everyone, including Stump, were surprised by her vocal talent!
  4. As a college student, Stump sang at Willie’s Saloon, in Stillwater (Garth Brook’s stumping ground)
  5. Stump has its own web show called “Get Stumped”- where she talks about causes she cares about!

On Monday, March 19th,Stump will be on the Morning Show with Frank & Jeri, talking about life on and after the Voice!

Do you have any questions for Stump? Tells and we will ask her!

Watch Stump on the ‘Voice’

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