Why just release a new single when you can do it with your friends, a few famous people and a wallaby, all while raising $10,000? Adley Stump may not have been able to find a suitable answer to that question.

The singer brought a few Nashville notables to Music City's Germantown, and over the course of 90 minutes raised $10,000 for the Children's Miracle Network by auctioning off memorabilia, hitting her friends with pies, singing, tossing wallaby poop and asking fans to help. The Facebook Live video marked the release of her new song "Call You Mine," but that was an "oh yeah" note to a frantic hour-and-a-half that included some major improvising at times.

That's how it goes with live television — or Facebook-vision, as it was. Stump, singer Maggie Rose and Ty, Kelly and Chuck co-host Ty Bentli were among the stars on hand. Songwriters AJ Engstrom and Lisa Goe performed acoustic, and a young girl who'd benefitted from the Children's Miracle Network services sang. In fact, Quincy Wells' fragile performance may have been the most moving moment.

Jack the Wallaby made good on his promise to show up when $2,000 was raised. Later he'd come bounding out of his sack, and partially out of his diaper. Stump, an avid animal lover, picked up his dropping and tossed it toward some of her friends and fans standing nearby.

Signed memorabilia from Willie Nelson, the Rolling Stones, Prince and the Chicago Cubs were auctioned off, netting significant cash for the cause. Through it all Stump raced around, directing cameras, revelers, kids and a small production crew. At one point when a planned activity failed to materialize, Stump began to search for a replacement. "Can you sing? Can you sing? Can you sing?" she asked a few people, including Taste of Country. Goe would eventually suit up to perform, with a smile on her face.

"Call You Mine" (see, we told you it was almost an afterthought) is now available at digital retailers. Stump continues to find innovative ways to "make it" in country music. The former The Voice contestant has many brand partnerships and keeps a Vlog on YouTube. She also penned a book called How They Sell Music, released in 2015.

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