The super-rich can usually afford to eat lunch in a restaurant every day, but now we know what the one percent uses when they bring a sandwich from home: a designer paper bag that costs almost $300.

Minimalist designer Jil Sander’s Vasari bag looks like your standard, run-of-the-mill paper sack, but it’s made of durable coated paper with stitched seams, metal eyelets and a coveted designer logo.

While only male models toted the bag during Sander’s fall-winter 2012 fashion show, it’s not just utilitarian, it’s unisex, too. Oh, and did we mention it’s sold out?

Regardless, if paying $290 for a paper bag (no matter whose name is on it) is too rich for your blood, perhaps you’d feel better about shelling out $630 for a version in black leather. W Magazine, which is in the business of spotlighting all things bleeding-edge in the world of haute couture, said it’s “turning a necessity into an indulgence … Forget recycling — this bag is a keeper.”

Maybe it’s just us, but we’d rather keep the money instead.

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