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11 Hilariously Creative Homework Responses
Back-to-school season is well underway, which also means homework is once again a reality. Ugh, major bummer. But when you're a youngster, homework isn't all that bad! That's because kids make it way less boring by being straight up and honest (read: hilarious).
What Are the 10 Best High Schools in America?
US News & World Report has released its list of the best high schools in America, teaming up with the Washington, DC-based American Institutes for Research (AIR), one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world.
Chardon High Shooting Updates
It’s a grim morning for this suburb in Cleveland, Ohio, a high school shooting has made national headlines.  As of right now we are getting several reports, such as four students injured, and one killed. The police have a suspect in custody, but his name is not being released to the public because h…
Were You Voted “Most Likely To Suceed”?
Who was named "most likely to succeed" in your high school graduation class? Do you know what they're doing now? Are they successful? According to a Wall Street Journal poll, they most likely are.