Sometimes the reason behind criminal acts is just plain weird, or the way people go about breaking the law is just so weird and bizarre that it's laughable. Here are some of the weirdest crime stories that happened in Oklahoma.


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    Calling 911 For Sexy Time

    In 2012, Clyde Hobbs of Oklahoma City was arrested for calling 911 for talking dirty to the operators. This wasn't the first time Hobbs had been arrested for this stunt, as he was been arrested three times for this very reason.

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    Meth Lab In Wal-Mart Bathroom

    Alisha Halfmoon of Tulsa couldn't afford to buy the ingredients to make a batch of methamphetamine. So rather than attempt to steal the materials she needed, Halfmoon brought everything to a bathroom at the back of the store to cook a batch.

    After six hours the store reported her to police on suspicious behavior where cops entered the bathroom and caught Halfmoon mixing chemicals and arrested her for possession and obtaining a drug using a forged or altered perscription

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    Diaper Wearing Man Fakes Being Autistic

    Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. of Oklahoma City wore diapers and faked being autistic to get female babysitters to take care of him.

    Richardson's con was revealed when he touched the breast of one of his caretaker's daughter who was 18 at the time. He was arrested for indecent exposure and put in prison for three years.

    Richardson must also register as a sex offender and put on probation after his release.

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    Using Mayo As Shampoo

    This story is actually recent as it happened in September 2014.

    Jorge Perez was arrested for causing a public disturbance at Bricktown in Oklahoma City. When police found Perez he bathing in a public fountain washing his hair with Mayo.

    He was charged with disturbing the peace and bathing in a public fountain which is prohibited in Oklahoma City.

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    The Binky Bandit

    Another strange story that happened on September 2014 in Oklahoma City was the story of 'The Binky Bandit.'

    The story went viral as it showed a man sucking on a pacifier as he robbed a man at gunpoint, taking money and his car.

    He was found and arrested in mid October for robbery charges.