What happens when you try to go through the drive-thru at McDonald's but are turned down service because you have no car? For one Oklahoma man, the option was to steal a car to settle that Mac attack.

Erik Aguilar, the criminal, walked up to a car where the driver, Lisa Woods, was placing an order. A small confrontation ensued between Aguilar and Woods, but eventually Aguilar managed to get Woods out of her vehicle and sped off.

Oklahoma City Police spotted Aguilar in the stolen vehicle shortly after where Aguilar began chase and then later crashed the vehicle.

Aguilar was arrested on complaints of robbery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude an officer.

Police then gave the advice that carjackers will often look for people unaware of their surroundings and if you're ordering food through a drive-thru, to have your doors locked and your window cracked when ordering.

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