Even though the temperatures have surged to triple digits already this year, today is the actual first day of Summer for 2022.  Living in Oklahoma since early in the '70's, I've garnered a love/hate relationship with Oklahoma Summers, but, I think I've found the answer for keeping it cool this Summer.



    Find Some Shade!

    I wish I could say that Summer eases into the extreme temperatures, but I'd be lying.  We had our first triple-digit day on May 8 this year, a full month and a half before the Summer Solstice.  Ugh.  That makes Summer seem even longer.  One way to try to keep you cool is to find that perfect shady spot and relax with the cool breeze.  Evenings are usually better for this tip, but you can just never go wrong with a nice shade tree and a glass of sweet tea!

  • Rohappy

    Dress for Cool Comfort!

    Nothing says Summer like your favorite pair of cut-offs and a tank top.  Loose-fitting light-colored clothing is often recommended for the extreme heat of SW Oklahoma, and of course here in Lawton, it goes without saying that Shorts are the order of the Season.


    Oh, Those Frozen Drinks!

    This recommendation is for Adults Only!  Unless you can make a virgin daiquiri or frozen margarita without the tequila!  But, a word to the wise, don't drink them too quickly.  Brain Freeze is a real thing, and we'd prefer your drinks be the only thing frozen this Summer!  Sip them slowly to chill from the inside out.

  • Purestock

    Take a Dip in a Cool Pool!

    I've been blessed to have a yard big enough for my own pool.  And I'll be the first to tell you there is nothing I like better on a hot summer day than to just chill in the pool.  Even when the temps soar, and the water temperature is over 80 degrees, it's still cooler than not being in the pool.  Add a little Oklahoma wind to the mix, and it's near perfection!  In my humble opinion!

  • zimmytws

    Drop those Digits!

    Last, but certainly not least, stay inside and drop the temperature on your thermostat.  Even if you drop it just a few degrees, you will find some instant relief.  As summer continues, you get used to being a little warmer, so go ahead and splurge and drop those digits to keep your cool on this longest day of the year!

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