By now, you've already had at least one ham sandwich.  There is still 5 lbs of cooked ham in the fridge and no one wants to waste it -- or to live on sandwiches for the next week.  Here are some great meals you can make to use up that yummy ham!

Ham Tetrazzini  Saute an onion in butter and stir in a can of cream of mushroom soup with a 1/2 cup of water and some cheddar cheese.  Cook up some spaghetti and mix it all together with some parsley and maybe some mild peppers.

Ham & Pineapple Pizza is a great idea.  Instead of working for hours on the crust, cut up some hard-crusted bread (like a baguette) and put some diced ham, pineapple, tomato sauce, cheese, onions and Italian spice on the bread and shove it in the broiler until the cheese is bubbly and yummy.

Beans and Cornbread is my personal favorite.  Use the ham bone to flavor the beans and let them simmer in your crock pot all day.  For some added use, make a batch of cornbread and throw in some diced ham, cheddar and diced jalapenos for extra yummy.

Split Pea Soup is something my husband always asks for (not my fav) but this is also a good use for the ham bone.

Stir-Fry and lo mein are always top on my list of yummy ways to use ham.  If the ham is sweeter or glazed, this can be amazing!  You can also do pork fried rice and take your All-American meal in an Asian direction!

Ham & Cabbage Soup is yummy and cheap.  Saute some onions in your soup pot and throw in some shredded cabbage, potatoes, chicken broth and ham (or bone).  Salt, pepper and (optional) some caraway seed) finish it up nicely.  Let it simmer till the veggies are done and enjoy!

Wild RiceChowder is so yummy and the wild rice makes it all kinda nutty and delish.  Saute an onion in your soup pot and add some garlic.  Throw in some flour to create a rue and then slowly add chicken broth until it's a little thicker.  Throw in the rice.  After about 20 minutes, throw in some carrots and potatoes.  After the rice and veggies are cooked, add your diced ham and a can of cream corn.  Just heat it through (but not to boiling) and see if you have any leftovers!

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