Welcome to the post-Easter Hamfest!  We LOVE leftovers, and the traditional ham sandwich really can't be improved upon.  However, there are more meals that can be made with those yummy leftovers.  In fact, we suggest you spend a few hours prepping and then you can freeze meals to have for the next few months!

Best recipes for leftover ham:

  1. Pinto Beans and cornbread is my favorite thing to do with that big ham bone.  It's almost a sin to throw it away with all that yummy tucked inside.
  2. If you put the weird pineapple rings on your ham, you don't have to throw them out.  Use them in this awesome Hot Ham with Pineapple Sandwich.
  3. Go a different way with this ham tetrazzini.  It is a yummy pasta that will change the ham into something different.  You'll never know it is a leftover.
  4. Put your ham, some veggies in cheese, wrap it in phyllo dough and you'll want to never stop eating this amazing roll.  It's like a pot pie in a roll.
  5. A little ham and a lot of flavor go into this Wild Rice Chowder.  Use more veggies or more ham to your liking.  It's good for you and just good. . . .
  6. This Ham and Leek Pie uses the subtle leek to enhance the yummy that pot pie always brings.  Do it in single servings so everyone gets the most crust and yummy sauce!
  7. Cabbage casserole uses the ham but isn't heavy and cheese-based.  It's a perfect use of the ham so it is a compliment but not so heavy-handed that you feel like you're using leftovers.
  8. Go a totally different way and create a spicy jambalaya!  You'll need some spicy sausage and the seafood critters of your choice, but this will get you revved for summer!
  9. And then there is Ham Fried Rice.  Yeah, you just can't go wrong.  You can use anything and everything you have or let people 'custom order' from your list of ingredients.

We'd love to know YOUR favorite ways to use leftover ham.  Put your recipes in the comments below. . . . .

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