In my professional life, I've worked at about a dozen radio stations across this region of the United States, all of which in Texas and Oklahoma. From the small one-horse South Texas town I started in, to some of the biggest markets in the industry, and I can tell you, without a doubt, Lawton is home to the best listeners and friends across this industry.

The Backstory: A few days ago, Critter and I had an opportunity to get the exclusive first look inside the new Chik Fil A store on Cache Road. Let me tell you, it's incredible what they've done on that lot and inside the new building. The new kitchen is nearly as big as the original building. We learned some new things about America's best chicken too... They hand make all of it. They marinade it, filet it, bread it, and cook it all from whole raw chicken breasts. That epic chicken sandwich or nuggets was simple raw chicken minutes before biting into it. I guess that's why it's so good, they do it all themselves on site. It was an amazing thing to experience how it's all done, so naturally, when we left, we were both craving some Chik Fil A. As we have a second location at the mall, we headed straight there.

Bummer... The mall Chik Fil A had suspended their drive thru due to hot temps and big downpours, so the only way to get that chicken fix was to go inside the mall. Neither of us are A: Prepared, or B: Willing to go inside the mall at this particular time, so we convince ourselves the turkey sandwiches we both brought from home would suffice back at the station... but the thought lingered.

Around lunchtime today, you and I were having a conversation about what's on the menu for lunch, and I brought up Chik Fil A and the new store. (set to open on August 6th) I mentioned that I couldn't wait for it, and to my surprise, Chik Fil A shows up at our door courtesy of Chad. Now, I'm not sure who Chad is at this particular moment, I'm sure I'd recognize him if I saw him, but this was one of the most epic moments for me of 2020. Right up there with the random Wayne's dropped off at my house during my mandatory two week quarantine in May. Could Chad be responsible for that too? Don't know. I just know it's people like him that keep me here, anchored at home, in Lawton.

Chad oughtta give me a shout sometime. I'd like to thank him personally and hook him up with whatever concert tickets he wants when they finally start doing concerts again post-pandemic. Hit me on my Facebook.

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