I read this headline this morning 'Bill Would Make Facebook Snooping, Digital Spying by Employers Illegal' and my first reaction was "WHAT?"

Why would we have to introduce legislation to outlaw something that is obviously morally wrong?  Why would I have to share my personal, private passwords for my Facebook account, my private email accounts and any photo sharing sites or any of my personal private information with my employer or potential employer?

Both of the Password Protection Act bills that were introduced would make it illegal for employers to force workers or candidates to divulge information when that information resides on computers "owned by the workers." In other words, on my own computer not the employers computers.  These bills are similar to legislation that was introduced on April 27th nicknamed SNOPA (Social Networking Online Protection Act)  it extended similar protections to elementary, high school and college students.  Under the Password Protection Act, students would not be protected.

I understand that my employer owns the computers that I work on at work and that I should respect that equipment and not download information for personal use but my own personal computer?  That's just silly!

What do you think?  Should your employer be able to access your personal information on your personal computer?