Have you heard the story about Mr. G and Jellybean? A goat and a donkey that were rescued from an animal hoarder in southern California. They were sent to separate foster care homes.

I'm asked so many times "Do you really think animals morn or feel sadness?" Watch this video and then you tell me!

You can read more of their story is online at AnimalPlace.com

Living on a working ranch (or farm, whatever you want to call it) I have the opportunity to watch animals interact with each other every day. I love to sit and watch in fascination as a momma cow coos to her calf; or she hides her calf in the tall grass and coos to it to let it know to stay put while she wonders off to graze. Oftentimes one momma cow will watch over 5 or 6 babies while all the other cows are off grazing. And yes, they morn when they lose their calf and they both "bawl" when you separate them to wean the babies.

I highly recommend that you just sit and watch sometime. It is very peaceful and enjoyable.

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