This is one of the craziest stories I've heard in awhile. I guess it's somewhat common knowledge that OSU (Oklahoma State University) has a bat problem. I say somewhat common because I had no idea, but when I started telling others about it they were like "Yeah, who doesn't know that." Well, I didn't know until just now. I guess the campus has bats living in the buildings and all over the place, including the dorms themselves.

There's a student that's suing OSU over their bat problem. She's been bitten several times by bat ticks while in her dorm room and even worse while sleeping. Imagine waking up with a bunch of red itchy bite marks all over your face and body. Well that's exactly what happened, and as it turns out the bites she was getting were from bat ticks. The big danger with that of course is the chance of not only infection, but rabies. Bats are the leading cause of rabies, as a matter of fact most humans that die from rabies got it from bats.

Once she realized that they were bat tick bites, or someone told her what they were she had to get rabies shots. I've always heard nightmare stories about getting rabies shots. I thought that they had to be given in the stomach, but I guess that's changed, thank God. Now days the shot is given in the arm, but from what I've heard it's still pretty painful and can cause all kinds of side effects from injection sight soreness, fever, dizziness to nausea and more. The lawsuit centers around that and that the school knew about the bat issues and really didn't do much about it.

Other students have even reported waking up in the middle of the night with a bat in their bed. Now, I like bats and really don't mind them being around, at a distance and outside, but having on in your bed or room not so much. Bats are living in the dorm areas up in the ceilings at OSU, how crazy is that?  I'm sure by now they're gone and the school has gotten rid of them, or I would hope so anyway.

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