This poor kid just had his Christmas completely ruined by an anti-gun bad mall Santa. Of course this would happen in 2020 one of the worst years in recorded history and for this kid it just got a lot worse. This boy wanted a Nerf gun for Christmas and Santa said no, that he wouldn't bring him a gun not even a Nerf gun. His mother even tried to explain that he wants a Nerf gun, not a real gun. Santa was adamant that he wouldn't give him any kind of gun for Christmas, Nerf or other. What a GIANT piece of S#!T this mall Santa is!

Now this poor kid's entire image of Saint Nick is destroyed. All because this wanna-be Santa wants to push his own ideology and beliefs onto children. I hope this kid gets the entire 2020 line-up of Nerf guns under the tree Christmas morning. I'm sure this video will go viral, if it hasn't already and others will come to the rescue and get this kid the gift he wanted most. I'm sure Mom and Dad will make up for this.

When I was a kid Santa brought me all kinds of great gifts, including guns. From toy guns, cap guns, BB guns, pellet guns all the way to real guns like my first .22 and 12 gauge and everything in between. He even brought me a new pocket knife almost every year since I was 6, maybe 7 years old. Of course he asked Mom and Dad if it was okay, which is exactly what this bad Santa should have done. Instead he chose to proclaim his idiotic anti-gun stance and ruin a boy's Christmas with his mother standing nearby.

I know there's another Santa's Helper out there that this boy can speak to that won't allow political correctness and personal views to interfere. I can't even imagine how I'd react if one of my kids had this experience. Maybe Nerf will come to the rescue, if not the millions upon millions of Pro Second Amendment supporters will, myself included. Stick to your guns kid, it ain't over!

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