While you may assume that Thanksgiving is all about food, it's also a great time to show off your craft-y side. Creating fun centerpieces is a great way to put your own individual stamp on your Thanksgiving table. (Your mashed potatoes can't do all the work.)

Check out 10 of our favorite creative centerpieces featuring everything from 'Star Wars' to zombies below. (Also follow the links to find out how you can make these centerpieces at home.)



Lego Centerpiece



This fun centerpiece is made entirely from Lego minifigs. (Do we spot some 'Harry Potter' characters in there?) It's that perfect balance between cute and nerdy, right down to the gargoyle at the end.


via Gamma Squad


LED Turkey



For the more technologically inclined, this centerpiece is easily assembled using Christmas lights and a downloadable turkey design. OK, so it's a bit disco, but hey, some dancing would do you good after two plates of turkey.


via Sparkle Labs


'Star Wars'



Or you could go straight-up nerdy: this one, a tribute to everybody's favorite space opera, was put together with spare action figures the host had lying around. Fun and thrifty!


Star Wars Centerpiece

via Geekologie


Crafty Centerpiece



On the craftier end of the scale, you've got this, which is actually fairly simple to make: it was assembled entirely from parts available from craft stores and then painted. Even your kids could do it!


via eHow





This unique centerpiece was created using Cheetos cheese doodles and toothpicks. Not only is it simple and attractive, if you make your guests eat it, you won't hear complaints about Thanksgiving dinner being late.


'Star Trek'



This Hallmark collectible centerpiece, which depicts a scene from the classic 'Star Trek' episode 'The Menagerie,' features Capt. Kirk, Spock and the radiation-scarred Capt. Pike. Because nothing says warm Thanksgiving memories like intergalactic radiation poisoning.







For those just not quite ready to give up on Halloween, there's this fun Jack-o-lantern themed centerpiece. As eVite suggests, you can put your guests to work creating Thanksgiving-themed images on acorn squash, small pumpkins and other gourds. It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing since you'll likely be spending the rest of the day in a food coma in front of the TV.


via eVite


Potato Butts



Finally, Aunt Marcy's green bean casserole won't be the “butt” of every joke this Thanksgiving.




'Plants Vs. Zombies'



This cute and creepy zombie centerpiece was created for a 'Plants Vs. Zombies'-themed wedding. (It's pretty a-'maze'-ing, don't ya think?) Adding a zombie turkey is fairly easy too, although you don't want to unnerve your guests. Or maybe you do, in which case we recommend green food coloring on the bird.


via ForeverGeek


Googly Gourds



And to end on a cute note, these googly-eyed friends are pretty simple for kids to put together, and a heck of a lot of fun for guests. Plus, they're an a-gourdable craft option that won't break your budget. Sorry. We love a good gourd pun.


via ShelterPop

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