Fall Colors, leaves crunching beneath your feet, it's a clear sign that the Season has changed into my Second Favorite time of the year. Everyone loves Christmas, so that's a given, but I would have to say that Fall comes in a close second! I have found some really cute ways to decorate with our local businesses. Take a look!

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    Anderson Pharmacy and Accents

    Anderson Pharmacy and Accents located at 5366 NW Cache Road has a wonderful array of pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks located right in front of their shop. I even asked Shawn Anderson if I could take my little Grand Daughter there to take some Fall pictures. Fall Decorations at Anderson Pharmacy are provided by Bedrock Nursery whose displays we will see in a later post.

    Jeri Anderson
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    Mega Cleaners

    Mega Cleaners at 3150 NW Cache Road takes a simpler approach to their decorating. Fill Plastic pumpkins with sand (so they won't blow away in our Oklahoma wind!), and presto, easy Fall decorations. And from the Road, they look like real Jack-O-Lanterns!

    Jeri Anderson
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    Deb's Beads and Bags

    Deb's Beads and Bags is located at 1605 W. Gore Blvd. I love to drive by and see how Nan Massie has decorated their front window. What could be more Fall than football wear for the Ladies? They feature OU and OSU dresses in their window and in the store. Throw in some pumpkins and some leaves and, instant Fall Window display!

    Jeri Anderson
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    Past Perfect Boutique

    Past Perfect Boutique is located right next door to Deb's Beads & Bags at 1605 W Gore.  Proprietor Darla Bush has a great eye for fun decorations inside her consignment shop, but doesn't take credit for what's on the outside.  One of her consignors, Two Sisters Creations, decorated just outside her front door and will change it up for Christmas. I say, "Where can I get one of those"? Someone to decorate for me that is?

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    Bedrock Nursery

    Bedrock Nursery is located at 2705 SW Lee Blvd, with a Seasonal location on West Cache Road. I know that you are thinking that this is a "gimme". Well, you are partially right. Yes, they have all the elements for the very best Fall Decorations, including pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, and beautiful fall flowers, but, they really have to make some great displays to entice people to use them for their decorating needs. I took lots of pictures, just because I love the displays that they had on their lot. You can get great ideas from them!

    Jeri Anderson