Over the last few years, Texas took a step back in time and started banning books that the state politicians deemed overtly against the values of Texans. Topics that centered around race and racism, abortion, suicide, and LGBTQ issues, history, and representation. The move has as many supporters as it does detractors, and the list of titles now banned across 22 school districts is astounding... over 800 books.

Back in March, 2022, Oklahoma lawmakers started down a road of talks that looked like it would end in similar legislation, but they've yet to go as far in the paint as Texas. Even so, there is still a lengthy list of 39 books that remain banned across our state. Of those, there are some real classic titles.

Lord of the Flies - Banned.
Of Mice & Men - Banded.
To Kill A Mockingbird - Banned.
Ironically enough, the Oklahoma original The Outsiders, set in Tulsa, written by a native Tulsan is even on this banned book list. It really is madness on the face of it. I'm surprised Fahrenheit 451 isn't on that list... yet.

The Lawton Public Library is stepping up this week to celebrate National Banned Book Week across the city.

While lawmakers and school districts may have the privilege to determine what they will and won't offer in school libraries, public libraries are sharing it all, as it should be.

If you'd like to peek around and read through a banned book, hop over to the library. They have tons of banned titles on display, and they're encouraging everyone to join in and read something as politically taboo as Harry Potter or the Bible.

Click here for a list of the 100 most banned books in America... and here to see the 10 most challenged banned titles.

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