Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana For Oklahoma Won't Be On T
Yesterday (09-28-20) the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down a petition that could have legalized recreational marijuana. The petition if it collected enough signatures would have placed State Question 813 on the November 8th 2022 ballot. With a majority vote State Question 813 would have legalized r…
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Tests Positive For COVID-19
Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt is believed to be the first U.S. governor to test positive for COVID-19. It's another first for Oklahoma, just wish it was for something other than this. We all wish the governor well and so far his symptoms seem to be very mild.
Oklahoma's Moving Towards Recreational Weed
Looking back on conversations had over the last two and half years, I'm pretty sure everybody saw the day coming where marijuana would be completely legal for of-age adults across the board, no prescription required. It was a huge talking point for both people for and against the medical push i…

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