When a group of property owners, neighbors, and community organizers got together in April 2010 to restore a community block in a little-used neighborhood corridor - the Better Block Project began.


The area they transformed was full of empty properties and offered very few amenities for the area’s residents. Using resources from the community, the group turned the neighborhood into a safer place with bike lanes, adequate lighting, trees, and more. Since then, Better Block Projects have developed throughout the country, turning many temporary businesses and infrastructure improvements into permanent fixtures.

This weekend, May 18-19, the Better Block Project is coming to Oklahoma City, taking place at NW 7th and Hudson. There are four areas addressed when developing a Better Block: safety, shared access, stay power, and 8-80 amenities.

Watch Jason Roberts, founder of Better Block Project Talks About The Community Organization

Better Block Project participants will ask themselves questions like: Is it safe to cross the street? Is there graffiti and debris everywhere? Do businesses have bars on the windows? Each question will be addressed and hopefully improved upon.

In the vein of shared access, the project focuses on such things as giving pedestrians clear access to the area, making bicyclists feel welcome, and offering amenities that allow people to linger around.

In the area of stay power, the project will seek to offer food places on the block, complete with outdoor eating areas, and give the area a prominent cultural identity.

Lastly, the Better Block Project will create amenities that provide a healthy and welcoming environment.

If participating in this awesome and beneficial community project interests you sign up to volunteer! . The event will feature pop-up shops (even a pop-up dog park), unique vendors, and much more!

What block in Lawton do you think we can transform?