It's possible Blake Shelton is getting a little carried away with this whole "King of The Voice" thing. It's also possible he doesn't care. In a video debuting exclusively on Taste of Country, Shelton dons a crown and royal robe as he flaunts his many wins in front of his fellow coaches.

The two-minute clip finds Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson discussing Season 19 of The Voice, which began this week on NBC. The country singer is, umm ... confident. At one point he tries to put his name ahead of the show's name, as in Blake Shelton's The Voice.

"The truth is, this is my show," he says. "I'm the King of The Voice, I think it's time after 19 seasons that I just own it."

"It's time to knock him off that throne," Legend adds before the video wraps. Clarkson and Stefani seem to agree. The trash talking in this video is pretty sharp, with Shelton's own girlfriend leading the way with the most devastating barbs.

"The whole reason to come on the show is to try to destroy Blake," she says.

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Monday and Tuesday presented the first blind auditions of 2020. The show also returned to the studio after finishing Season 18 from everyone's individual homes. Shelton won from his house, and uses that to his advantage in this clip. The cherry on top may be when he reveals the seven championship banners, each detailing a win he's had on the show.

The Voice airs on NBC on Monday and Tuesday at 8PM ET.

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