Are you someone who believes? Let the hunt begin because you could get a massive payday.

You may remember back in January, we were talking about a bill that was proposed in Oklahoma to have an official Bigfoot hunting season. Sadly, that bill never made it out of the committee. However, Justin Humphrey's bill did catch a lot of eyeballs. He was trying to bring attention to his area in Oklahoma that apparently has the ninth most sightings of Bigfoot in the world.

Yes, Honobia, Oklahoma embraces their love for Bigfoot every year with a giant festival. So Justin definitely brought attention with his bill. However, the hunt is still on, but you can not kill Bigfoot if you see him. Since an official hunting season was not permitted by the State Wildlife Department, you can not shoot to kill Bigfoot if you find them.

However, the Oklahoma state tourism department can issue tracking permits since the intent is not to kill or injure the elusive beast. If you can successfully capture Bigfoot, you will get $2,125,000. That's a big ole payday for you if you make it happen. Apparently a new Bigfoot movie forked over a big chuck of that bounty.

Justin said state tourism officials are now developing a Bigfoot promotional campaign that includes license plates, decals, an annual commemorative tracking license and “Bigfoot checkout stations.” He said they’re also working on a map of the region to show visitors the best route to take to spot Bigfoot while promoting nearby businesses at the same time.

So go get a giant net and let the hunt begin.

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