For women in Oklahoma, the old saying during a tornado threat is: "Bras on, shoes on," or "bras on, teeth in."

Now, you'd think these would be essentials in case you have to go to the cellar or, heaven forbid, your house gets blown away by a tornado. But one Oklahoma TikToker has a different take on this saying.

To be fair, when an area in Oklahoma is under a Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning, we're all typically going about our lives as normal. If this is all happening in the evening, us women are, honestly, doing what we usually do at the end of the day, like cooking dinner, binging the latest true crime drama, or getting ready for bed, which for most is the removal of your bra and teeth, if that's applicable.

Where did this saying come from?

I'm not 100 percent certain where this specific saying for women came from. It's entirely possible that some male meteorologist said it during some tornado coverage. They typically say some off-the-wall antidotes during live storm coverage.

Regardless, it's good advice. If you have to head to the cellar in the middle of the night, you're definitely going to want your shoes. And, again, heaven forbid, if your house gets blown away, you'll want to have at least one bra, a pair of shoes and your teeth if you need them.

But this Oklahoma TikToker, @raegan.lang, says the reason for this saying is more out of vanity... and probably propriety. In the TikTok, she says, "'bras on, shoes on,' or, 'bras on, teeth in,' is not so you can be prepared during a tornado. It's so that if you have to stand out in front of your house and have to be filmed by the local news station, showing them your house that was just blown away by that tornado."

I mean, she has a point. I wouldn't want to be on TV braless, shoeless, teethless AND homeless. Watch the TikTok below!

@raegan.lang Tornado season is upon us my friends. Bras on, shoes on! #fyp #trending #tiktok #tornado #tornadoseason #oklahoma #oklahomacheck #okie #okc #oklahomacity #funny #humor #safetyfirst ♬ original sound - Raegan

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