Whew, we just made it past the tax deadline. Now that our returns have been filed, are you worried about being audited?  Well, you may not have to worry about that anymore, because it looks like the IRS will be doing fewer audits with the drastic budget cuts!


The Internal Revenue lost 5,000 employees during the last year, and not only does that affect the audit function of the service, but also other services like phone support and processing amended returns.  Plus, the IRS points out that with fewer audits, the tax cheats are not being caught leaving those of us honest taxpayers bearing an uneven tax burden.

Audits are scary, but necessary to make sure that we are not paying too much in taxes as well as the apparent trying to get out of paying taxes.  It made us wonder if you have ever been audited, what was the hardest part.  Take our poll!

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