It could be that our names rhyme. Or it could be that we are both Oklahomans, or it could be that we are both beautiful females (cough, cough)!

Or, it could be that we are both excellent drivers!

I have been driving way more years that Carrie Underwood, but I have only been pulled over 2 times, and neither time for speeding.  One was for a brake light being out, and the other was for a blinker malfunction. But like Carrie Underwood, I thought I was going to jail both times!

That feeling that you have done something so wrong, is hard to forget, and I may have cried both times too!  Why do the rule girls feel so guilty?  I'm not really sure, but I continue to drive like a grandma, follow the rules, and check my brake lights every time I back into my driveway (that's the only way a single girl can do it, I found out the hard way).

Comment below if you've never been pulled over!  Or...there's a first time for everything!  Let us know about your first time!  Were you scared to death?

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