When I think of The Rustic Ranch in Elgin, Oklahoma, I think of the word, "unique."  I think that best describes what you'll find in the store located at 8209 US Hwy 277, Suite 4 in Elgin.

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And, believe me, that is by design. Owner Emily Franks prides herself in hosting items that you won't find in other shops because she doesn't go to market to stock her store.  She finds other small businesses in Texas and Oklahoma and tries to keep business local! Shopping locally also helps keep costs down and makes Rustic Ranch so affordable. That remains one of the goals for Rustic Ranch - great quality and affordability!

I will admit, I got distracted pretty easily when I visited Rustic Ranch. I took just a few pictures, so I borrowed some from the Rustic Ranch Facebook page so you'd get a really good feel of what shopping there is like.

I love the jewelry. It's fashion jewelry, but you get the authentic western look without killing your fashion budget!  And just because it's fashion jewelry, doesn't mean it's not high quality. I got a couple of necklaces when I was there and they are great!

Rustic Ranch carries sizes extra small to 3x, when she can get them, and caters to anyone from teens to Nanas, like me. In fact, when I was there, a teenager was trying on some of the cutest hot pink bell bottoms! Plus Rustic Ranch offers Facebook shopping. If you see something that you like, message Rustic Ranch and they will get it for you and ship it!

Rustic Ranch is giving away a $50 gift card during Jeri's KLAW Cupids Giveaway! Just message us "CUPID" on the official KLAW mobile app to enter in for you chance to win.

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Take a look at the great finds at Rustic Ranch!

KLAW Cupids - The Rustic Ranch

Winners will be drawn by Jeri and Critter during the morning show on February 14!

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