Oh my, oh my - I have found a diamond! As most of you know I love to shop, and I REALLY love to find new unique boutiques to find great one-of-a-kind items.

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That place is Wildflower Clothing Company, located in downtown Lawton at 209 SW C Ave. One of the things that I really love about this store is how much space there is to browse. You know what I mean. In some stores, you really feel like you have to hold your purse out of the way and keep your hands in your pockets so you don't knock anything over. - but not at Wildflower Clothing Company! There is plenty of room to browse and to actually look at items displayed on the floor without fear of dismantling something. And you are going to want to see everything.

There are so many different textures at Wildflower Clothing. There are some really amazing throw blankets in rich jewel-tone colors, and tapestry totes and backpacks - I think these are my favorites. You can use them for overnight stays or laptop bags, or even school. Accessories are part of the story of Wildflower Clothing. And that isn't going to change; they plan to expand on many of the items they currently have in store.

I'm so impressed with the fashions in Wildflower Clothing. I think they call them fashion staples, but I call them cute. There are items that any woman, young or old, can use in their wardrobe. Plus, like many boutiques, they have the latest trends, bright colors - the bright lime, yellows, oranges and hot pinks will be all the rage this spring!

Now if you love bargains (and really, what's not to love?), you will ADORE the Clearance Closet located in the back of the store! It's filled with final markdowns, and believe me, you'll save.

Wildflower Clothing Company is gifting someone a beautiful tapestry tote bag as part of  Jeri's KLAW Cupids Giveaway! Just download the KLAW mobile app and message "CUPID" to enter for your chance to win.

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Take a look at what you'll find inside Wildflower Clothing Company!

KLAW Cupids - Wildflower Clothing Company

Winners will be drawn Tuesday, February 14 during the morning with Jeri and Critter!

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