I'll be totally honest with you, what I expected when I walked into Rancher's Market and what I saw are two completely different things!

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Rancher's Market, located at 7623 Hwy 277 in Elgin, is not what I thought was a typical meat market. You know, white lab coats, meat counters, and butchers waiting to take your orders and cut you a slab of meat, but that was totally not the case!

Yes, they have meat and a ton of it. Plenty of locally raised and locally processed beef in all forms and at great prices. I got to try some of their ground beef this weekend, and y'all, it's SO GOOD. While I was visiting the market though, the steaks looked amazing and so did every other cut of beef. But there is so, so much more to this market.

The freezer section boasts section after section of bulk freezer items that you'll find at your favorite restaurants, from seasoned fries to breaded pickles, and all from the suppliers that supply those favorite restaurants. It's like a one-stop shop, and you can get them in the same bulk that the restaurants get them.

Of course, there's more. Rancher's Market actually has a huge toy selection!

They were telling me that it's actually been picked over since Christmas, but I couldn't believe how many John Deere toys they have to choose from. Plus, they offer custom screen printing tees and hoodies,  and they have a selection of farm-themed shirts on display for purchase in the store all of the time.

You would think all that would make this market standout, and it does, but there is still one more thing that sets it apart from most small-town stores, and that's its box deals.  Periodically, the put-together box deals with quantities of beef sold at specials. There is only a limited number of these box deals available, so you have to get them quickly.  Right now the Winter Box is already sold out. Be watching their Facebook for the next box deal!

See for yourself below! I took a few pictures during my recent visit.

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