Today we feature a singer and songwriter who's music comes from a place deep within, songs drawn from a difficult past that have the ability to make you think, as well as sway along. An artist who comes from a musical family and who wrote her first song at an age where most kids are scribbling with crayons.

Born in Toledo, OH, Candi Carpenter's musical journey began early in life, writing her first song when she was just three years old, and playing with her family band, never passing on an opportunity to get up on stage. At age 11, her family attended a Vince Gill concert and Candi was determined to get the superstar's attention, so she wrote a note on the back of her ticket asking Gill if she could yodel for him. She handed the note to him from in front of the stage and before long, Carpenter's life was forever changed when Gill brought her up on stage.

Soon after, Carpenter signed with her first producer, and by age 15 she had left school and headed for Nashville. The stage became her classroom, playing every bar and honky tonk in Nashville, living in a rundown hotel why performing until sometimes 3 in the morning. At age 16 she began hanging out backstage at the Grand Ole Opry and touring as the opening act for some of the biggest names in country music. It was at this point things started to turn dark for Carpenter; the people that were supposed to be looking out for the young singer became the ones taking advantage of her. She had very little say over her career, including the music she recorded, and she found herself being dragged in a direction she had no desire to pursue.

At this point she discovered the voice that would change her life (and career) forever: Janis Joplin. She found the sheer emotion in Joplin's voice moving and inspiring, but when she tried to encompass that same emotion into her own performances, she was "encouraged" to "tone it down". She feels now that her growth as an artist was being stunted she struggled to find herself as an artist. She eventually extricated herself from her management contract, and also found her way out of an early, disastrous marriage. With the help of her family and friends, Carpenter struggled but did find her true voice. She looks back at it and smiles, saying that she "now has enough material for a lifetime of songs. Writing about the bad, the ugly and the bad all worthwhile"

Now signed to CTK management and Sony Music, Candi began working with producer Mark Needham, known for his work with Pink, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Fleetwood Mac and Chris Isaak. Her new project is a 180 degree flip from the album she released under previous management, The House of Dysfunction. A new album is still in the works, but today, we have Carpenter's debut country single in our spotlight today. Candi Carpenter and "Burn The Bed" is today's Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.