I'm not sure when the change at Wendy's happened, but when they adopted the "bacon on everything" culture of serving up food, Wendy's hopped back into the world of popular fast food. Honestly, who would have thought you could get bacon cheese fries in a drive thru?

Skip to the reality that is advertising and marketing, and that bacon-everything sales pitch does its best to hold up to scrutiny, but ultimately, when you open the wrapper your burger is swaddled in, the results are usually disappointing. Not to pick on Wendy's perse, every fast food joint in America has trouble delivering the marketing expectations.

The Baconator is no different. You see the advertisement for it and it makes your mouth water. You wrap your hands around one in person and think "this went wrong," but SWOK's favorite son and cook is Johnny-on-the-spot to show you how to DIY yourself a Baconator worthy of the title.

If you're not familiar with Cowboy Kent Rollins, you should dig into his YouTube channel. Born and raised in Southwest Oklahoma, he's lived here his entire life. A true working cowboy, poet, author, and Bobby Flay-beating world-famous cook. Every other famous chef in the world would and does call him chef, but being a very humble man, cook is his preferred title.

His YouTube is full of amazing stupid-simple recipes for all sorts of good meals made with one rule... You can't get full on fancy. Afordable quality ingredients, the right technique, a little Kerrygold butter and you too can master the art of cookery in your own home or back yard.

He's the master of cast iron, cooks over open coals, and covers everything from steak and taters to delicate fish and seafood. His traditional red velvet cake might be the best thing you'll ever spend six minutes putting together. Kent and his wife Shannon have published a few cookbooks now, they have their own line of seasonings and ingredients, even their own cookware available on the official site. You might dig in and catch a few videos, he's as goofy as he is talented.

If you're up for a road trip, they also have their very own coffee shop in the little border town of Wellington, Texas where the coffee is made the cowboy way. No fancy cappuccino machines and half-frappe-latte-whatever it is... just good coffee boiled the way it always should have been. Details for that can be found on their facebook.

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