So is there some innocence left.  Yes.  I saw it with my own eyes this morning.   I get up between 3 and 3:15 to begin my day.  As I was getting up I heard noise from a TV.  I first thought my son Kaleb had left his gaming system on all night.  Looked in his room and he was  not there.   So as I am making my way down to the family room, I begin to hear what sounds like an old movie.  What is on TV at this time of the morning?

When I round the corner, I see Kaleb on the couch fully engaged in the Three Stooges.  I had to laugh but not too loud for fear of waking the rest of the house.  I asked why are you still up and watching The Three Stooges?  Simple reply from my son.  They're funny.

Why get upset?  He is on Christmas break from school.  He can get a nap later if he chooses to.  But most important is the innocence.  He was not watching some whacked out show on some of the music channels that could plant a idea or two into his head or some of the other trash that is forced onto us 24 - 7 - 365.   No, he was watching slap stick comedy.

Networks bury it late at night or early morning as fill just to keep a 24 hour schedule but deep enough that the majority of people will not even realize that it is on.  Did I make him stop watching?  No.  I am glad he was.  Had I not had to come to work, I probably would have joined him and had a few laughs and revert back to a time when I would get up early and quietly turn on the TV and watch the same black and white one reeler's he was enjoying this morning.

Yes,  still some innocence left.  I hope it last longer.